Why you should always have a working fire extinguisher

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

So yesterday pretty much Kicked our butts, we really feel like the devil is trying to kick us down right now. So we could probably use some prayer. However on that note I oddly feel very at peace with everything and also very blessed which will probably seem very weird as I tell you my story.

We have 2 wonderful guests staying with us in our guest house right now Bruce and Jason, they are here installing some new technology in the Caravan. They came home yesterday from work, Jason and I were chatting while he checked his email, as I was feeding Ruth the power went out after being on all day and I made some snide remark like 'oh the powers been on all day and NOW your turn it off' I then see John running toward the front door and he opens the porch door and says 'Jocelyn il ya un problem!' So then I run back towards the back of the house with Jason's yelling after me if I need help.

I say yes and we go outside Bruce was already back there and so was John. I can still see it in my mind all 4 of us were standing there staring at our electrical box billowing and I mean billowing in flames through the big metal door that holds it all in. I literally have no idea what to do and I said that 'I have no idea what to do...' Now John our guard and continuing hero of this story grabs a big wooden stick and undid the latch and opens the door and we see that from top to bottom everything is on fire... 

 the Electrical panel before we moved, after they redid it and after the fire

Bruce then asked a very good question 

'do you have a fire extinguisher?!'

'No...' I replied

Someone mentions water, which is quickly vetoed because we think the power is still coming in.

So we all stand there for what seemed like an eternity but couldn't have been longer then a couple seconds before our Hero John runs to the garden and starts grabbing dirt and throwing it at the flaming box, to which Bruce exclaims 'Thats a good idea!' So Bruce Jason and John start running back and forth getting dirt and throwing it at the box to snuff the fire. (All 3 of these guys are fantastic btw, once they saw what needed to be done they went to it) I went out to the front of the house to see if I can find some help, I saw Roz looking out over their balcony and asked if she had a extinguisher to which she says no and suggests baking soda.

I then still have no idea what else to do so I called my cool under all situations husband (who I found out later was having a crappy day of his own) and explain to him the situation to which he reminds me to see if we can turn off the knife switch. So I then get Jason to grab a stick and I explained to him where it is and where to move it so the power will be turned off.

Once he does that we are able to get enough dirt in the still flaming fuses and get it all out.

I then remember my poor daughter still sitting in her high chair and go and fetch her. She was totally fine sitting there still whining about eating her peas.

Jason being awesome and hanging out with Rue
Ron then comes over and informed us that at the same time our panel started in fire there had been some fire shooting out of the ground in front of our neighbours house and we go check that out. I go to call Matthew and tell him what happened and realize that I am completely out of credits and to be honest I really believe that I was out of credits the entire time but that God put me through to Nick when I called him. Maybe I did have some left but I do think it was a God thing.

where the 'fire' shot out of the ground in front of our neighbours house
So since I didn't have any credits left, Ron called Matthew and he made his way over and Nick who had been trying unsuccessfully to get something out of customs came back as well.

I got Rue to bed and the boys starting taking a look at the damage to which they were able to find out that we still had one phase coming in and were able to hook that up to a plug and extension cords and get our fridges and freezers plugged in.

 the melted fuses
To be honest like I said at the beginning I feel totally at peace. Praise The Lord for our guard John who was the one that saw the fire and was quicker then the rest of us to think and reason out what needed to be done, and that Bruce and Jason were here and it was just not Ruth and I; so a special shout out to Bruce and Jason's wives for having such awesome husbands and letting me borrow them :-). I am also so comforted as I think about our MAF families and the community around us here that is such an amazing support and I know that if I need anything they will take care of us. We indeed are not alone and for that I feel so blessed! Praise The Lord that this happened while Matthew Lind is still here to help us be able to fix everything, as it could easily have happened in 8 weeks when they would be gone.

 Ron, Matthew and Bruce taking a look
So I would like to thank everyone that prays for us, I know that God protected us yesterday and it could have been much worse. So to those that have been praying for us and even those that don't we do ask for your prayers so much more right now. Pray that this would help strengthen our family and our MAF team here; that things would be fixed well and that the things we buy to fix it would be good quality and not break.

Also if any of our electrician friends would like to come for a mission trip to Congo... We would love to have you :-)

Rues awesome new talent!


  1. Thank the Lord for his protection. That reminds me. I think I have some empty fire extinguishers that need to be refilled. And that move that Rue is doing? I believe it's called a "plank." She's a strong one. :) Praying for you today. Jenn W. at HQ

  2. Yay Jesus! So thankful this happened when someone was HOME! Also love Rue's new talent...!! XOXO

  3. superb post. we must have a working fire extinguisher at home all the time for Fire-stopping purpose because no one knows the time of emergency


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