Busy days

Friday, February 01, 2013

Nick will be keeping quite busy over the next couple weeks as 2 of our pilots are back in the States doing some training so that leaves 2 pilots to hold down the fort here in Kinshasa! (Here in Kin we have 3 pilot/mechanics, one pilot only (nick), one maintenance specialist, our program manager and base maintenance). This week nick has already flown 2 medevac flights (and many others) along with his other MAF responsibilities of taking care of our Internet and is now the chairman of the Overseas advisory commission (OSAC) that meets once a month.
He told me yesterday that he thinks that he flys Monday to Saturday next week! Hopefully we don't have any Internet issues while he is keeping busy flying all over the Congo!

However Ruth and I are keeping busy at home, enjoying our new house and getting ready for ur next guests to stay in our guest house that will be coming in a little over a week (and bringing sheets with them!... Sheets are verbs expensive here, one store I looked at it was 16$ for ONE flat sheet... And it wasn't a very good flat sheet.)

I also just finished my Human Sexuality class with a 96% Yay! And have just started a class called Lifetime Development.

Here are a couple pictures that Nick has posted the last couple days 2 are of his medevac flights one of the city of Kinshasa from the air and also one when he went to go pick up Avuta our fantastic Congolese IT guy (he's the on standing in front of Nick at about half Nicks height, they are indeed quite the pair!)


  1. ho jocelyn, i'm a congo mama (though i didn't meet you when i was in kin)...is the arial view on this post of kinshasa? if so, is there any chance you'd share the jpg with me? actively trying to gather photos of my son's birth country/city. i'd be forever grateful! thank you! ashley