Fab Guests

Monday, February 25, 2013

I would have to say that only the most fantastic people come and visit the Congo! I would like to introduce you to our current guests that are staying in our guest house


Bruce checking out the 182

And Jason
Jason and Nick flying back from Mbandaka

Bruce and Jason have been here for the last 2 weeks and will be spending another week and a half with us. They have come to install some new Avionics technology in our Caravan. 

Bruce is a Avionics specialist who spent about 12 years in Ecuador and Jason was in Lesotho. They have both been working in the maintenance department in the MAF-US headquarters for the last couple years. 
Haha well we can't have everything our way but we have had lots of fun getting to know them. As you probably saw from my post about the fire they also have been a big help around the house, keeping cool heads when things went up and flames and also dealing well with our inconsistent power.

Also, yesterday Nick got stuck in Mbandaka because of an alternator issue and when I mentioned to Bruce and Jason that they could probably tag along, they jumped at the chance.

So off they went Sunday morning for an adventure interior to see the sights and experience a day of flying in Congo!

We will be very sad to see them go in a week but we have been so blessed to have them :-)

First time Bruce ever played Settlers of Catan
God has been very faithful to us over the last couple weeks, however as I mentioned in the last post that one thing after another just seems to be breaking or going wrong. So we ask at this time if you would pray for us and maybe even commit to praying for us regularly. It is quite the battle zone here in Congo; trying to be a light and to conduct ourselves with truth and honesty in a place where corruption reigns.

We ask that you pray that God will give us his eyes and his heart for Congo and the people here and the ability to see the things we should be doings to bring eternal change in the hearts of people here.

Thank you again so much for your love and support!!


Support our Ministry with MAF

Managers / Pilots / Mechanics / Administrators are needed on the field. As a pilot and advisor, Nick plays a very important role of flying and advising on operations in the WDRC program. DRC is one of the most difficult places to do 'business' there are as many or more difficulties going into the office then flying over the jungles of Congo. However difficult his job is a necessary one; there are numerous isolated places and people in Congo that need MAF to be here.

The only way that we can continue to do the work that Gad has laid before us in Congo is by your generous donations.

We are aware that some partner with us for only a season which leaves an opportunity for others to come along side our ministry; because of that we are always looking those who will partner with us in our ministry with MAF to be able to keep our fundraising goal at 100%. Would you prayerfully ask God if He is prompting you to be a part of our ministry?

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