Beautiful beginnings

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Tomorrow Kevin and Tasha (and lil Adah) Spann will be arriving in Kinshasa!

I remember 2 years ago now when Nick and I arrived late one night delirious, overwhelmed but so excited to be here. The process to getting to the field with MAF is a long but necessary one. Getting flight hours, psychology tests, interviews, technical interviews, candiditicy, fundraising, language learning, more technical training, orientation, packing up everything you own, trying to figure out what to bring to a place you have never been to before and finally getting on a plane to take you across the world to arrive here in the Congo. 

Wooo, for some people this is years and years in the making and it was this for the Spanns. We are so excited for them that with preparatory journey is coming to a end for them and finally another beginning of a whole new adventure with just as many if not more hurtles to overcome is starting. 

I can tell you that the whole team here is beyond excited for them to arrive, we are excited to integrate their gifts and talents into MAFs ministry here in Congo. We are excited for new hands to help and new eyes to see and there are many times were we feel stretched thin, but we thank God that as we have prayed for workers and that he has sent them! 

Thank you to everyone who has supported and continue to support Kevin and Tasha in this journey, now that they are arriving in the field it does not mean they will need you less but more! They will need your support and encouragement as they figure out cultural nuances, when they are hit with a bought of home sickness and culture shock or when they first get sick. 

They will need you to celebrate with them when Kevin goes on his first Solo flight, when they learn to drive around this crazy place and for all the holidays that can sometimes get lost here in Congo. 

Most of all they need your prayers that God would guide and protect them, that his face would shine down upon them and that in everything they do that they would bring him glory!

This is a exciting time and I hope that you will pray for them and for us here in Congo as our God is a God of new beginnings and this is a beautiful one!