The Girl with 100 Mango Flys.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Dear Ruth, 

I hope that one day that this will be a fantastic story to tell all your friends to gross them out beyond belief... Because really what's not gross about having 100 worms in your body.

It all started off one day when I let you bring your new stuffed toy outside to play. I thought to myself on this is probably a bad idea, but mostly because it would probably get dirty. We had recently just spread a bunch of natural fertilizer (aka rabbit poo) all over the garden and flower beds (this is important because I later found out that Mango flys are attracted to fecisis).  The next day or 2 days later you woke up with 76 bumps all over your body. At first I thought maybe a mosquito or black fly had become trapped under your mosquito net with you. Then the next day as they were not subsiding I thought maybe we had fleas or bed bugs (which would have also been terrible though maybe not as terrible). However when I woke you up from your nap I saw that some of the bumps had little black dots in the middle... My heart sank a little and a decided to squeeze it and see if anything came out... And out came a little worm... I'm not going to lie; I cried. 

You had never had a mango fly worm before, none of us had. I was rather proud of that fact... But now you have dozens! 

Breath in. Breath out. I moved on and got to business. I collected all your stuffed toys and blankets and sent them over to neighbour Valerie's to get dried to kill any remaining eggs and also borrows some Vaseline and got to work. 

The first day I started taking them out one by one, it took forever! And you were not much impressed. The second day I followed the suggestion of a friend of smothering you down with Vaseline and wrapping you with plastic wrap... Well parts of you. I did this with your left arm at first because there was a large concentration there. It worked wonders I was able to use tweezers and get 10 out within a couple min. I got another dozen out that day by regular means.

Mango Worms out of her Torso, Rice on the right for size.
I did the same thing to your torso the next day, also worked very well and got 17 out at one time and another dozenish out from other random places.

The next day it was your head... I even tried to plastic wrap your head... Which to be honest didn't work very well and I debaited on cutting your hair... But I didn't I got 14 out of your head, this was a very difficult procedure I was not just able to grab them with tweezers but we got them out. And again got another 10ish out from other places. ( I did not keep a exact count very day, though I wish I did). 

After we got them out of your head there were just a handful left, (though I found one in your left arm that was HUGE...).

You were a trooper through the whole thing and though it was uncomfortable and painful you still seemed to love your mom through it all giving me hugs and snuggles once we were all calmed down. 

Then the very last one I found a took out you didn't even cry! 

So my love, I am beyond excited that this journey is finally over and you are healing up. I hope you will not be scarred for life or have any physical scars, and that one day you can show these pictures to all your friends to show them how tough you are and that if they have a mango worm that they can get through it too. 

Love Mama. 

P.S. I think its time for a vacation... lets go to Hawaii in 9 days ;-)


  1. Aw, poor Ruth and poor Mommy. I got teary just reading this :'(

  2. I think your daughter is going to grow up with a strong sense of the love her parents have for not only her, but the world at large; through the documentation of the joys and trails as you form your family. Eagerly anticipate our visit to Ontario in winter!

  3. Oh, Jocelyn! How horrible. I can only imagine the way your Mommy heart was torn each time you had to cause pain to get rid of a worse problem. Bravo for your perseverence. Ruth is too young to remember this and all your love will cover over the pain... So thankful it's over. Now, enjoy your trip west and put it behind you.

  4. Thank you for sharing your post we are in Mozambique right now and some of the kids have come down with Mango Fly issues. it was nice reading about your story sorry that you had to go through this. Is there a way for me to subscribe to follow your updates?? if not that is fine. Have fun in Hawaii

  5. I am in awe of you and your little baby girl. I don't know what I would have done. Both of you were so brave.

  6. Please hepl me. My 3 year daughter has the very same worm on her body and really don't knw what to do. I have been taking them out one by one. What's the home remedy?Mommy what did the Dr say?