Murder Among the Mateys

Sunday, February 21, 2016

So last year, I came across some great websites for murder mysteries and found out that you can just download the kit and print everything out yourself. Ive wanted to do one ever since and then this year Lisa said she would be happy to help me plan and host such an event. 
Life here can be hard, and though there are many amazing things that happen here, sometimes times of laughter are a bit few and far in-between. So the purpose of this night was just pure fun and man was it that!
So Here are some of the photos from the evening!! Everyone did amazing! It was so fun to see everyone get in character and just have a great night. Its balm to the soul to smile and laugh, I can't thank everyone enough for that.
We hope to do this again some time, we will see what the next theme shall be...

I worked for a few weeks before hand making all of the decorations that made the night feel more authentic, though the day after the event I realized I totally forgot my awesome "Pirates Ye Be Warned" sign. So here it is since it wasn't seen at the party :-P
Also when everyone arrived at the party they received 2 scrolls with their instructions and a wad of money that they were to use to bride and extort information, though I forgot to take a picture of those, but I promise they were cool ;-)

I love this lady!!! 

We had a few little stow aways that came along for the evening

Our Inn keeper got a call in the middle of the introduction and may have answered in a pirate accent ^_^

The Murder!!! Nick is outlining our murder victim with tape
Governor and his wife! 

Emily made a shark watermelon with blue 'sea' jello! Defiantly the highlight of all of the snacks
Valerie brought her pirate ship to help top off our decorations!
I believe Scott kept trying to steal Sarah's money all evening

We had some truly convincing Pirates
Completing objections or bribing for information
These guys did some great scheming 

Bonsoirrrrrrrrrrr Mateys! 
The Killer Revealed! 
Thumbless Jacky, Blackspot Jane and Captin Redbeard
Yo Ho Ho, Until next time...